‘Making Meaning’




Its been a long time since I shared anything on my journal page and while I often reflect on my process ( which is very important to me ) I wanted to share this ….

So here goes…..

On March 13th and the days following, as Canada( like the rest of the world ) started to close its borders, paused its economic impetus, told travelers to return home and asked everyone to self- isolate, the world as we knew it changed and we entered a period that defined a new world order and future.

Those first days were of disbelief and like everyone my emotions ran high and I grappled with a way to make sense and to move forward with the new realities which I now faced.

As the days passed, I realised that despite the many privileges I had (a home, safety, adequate health care and food), I had to find a way to change my art practice and direction both for financial and emotional reasons. The idea quickly formed that I also wanted a way to document my daily experience and emotions and catalogue what was happening locally, in Canada and the rest of the world.

I decided to distill all of the above into a series of Vessels that as they formed, would hold everything that I was experiencing.

I journaled daily and numbered these large vessel as a reference to my corresponding practice, daily emotions and experience; which were a reflection and a direct conduit to my world view.

Isolated in my studio, I looked outwards to the world (a new world that made no sense to me) filled with sadness, human frailty and suffering, but also a world full of care, kindness and hope.

And as I looked outwards, I also moved inwards with a new self-imposed order and rhythm that filled my days as I weaved box after box of clay and shaped these large vessels ( the only restriction was the size of my kiln ) that kept me grounded.

The weeks and months passed and as my life slowly resumed some resemblance to the one I previously had (where I could open my studio and welcome people). I am left with these beautiful large vessels that hold all of my experience from a time that will define the rest of my life.







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